1 from Hyderabad among 6 Telangana Haj pilgrims who died in Saudi Arabia

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Hyderabad: Six pilgrims from Telangana died in Makkah during Haj 2024, one of whom was a resident of Hyderabad amid scorching heat in Saudi Arabia.

The Telangana residents were among the 98 out of 1,081 pilgrims from 10 countries who died due to extreme heat, with temperatures reaching 51.8 degrees Celsius during this year’s Haj pilgrimage in Makkah, Saudi Arabia.

However, the Saudi government on Friday, June 21, stated that all 98 deaths were due to “natural causes”.

A Haj pilgrim, a resident of Hyderabad has been identified as Abul Raheem Asif, 55, who passed away due to a heart attack on June 18.

The other Haj pilgrims belonged to other districts of Telangana. Surayya Yasmeen and Waheed Raisa, 50, both of who passed away on June 16, belonged to Sangareddy district.

Yasmeen, who was unable to perform Haj after falling ill, reportedly passed away at a hospital, in Madina. reports suggest that she was on a ventilator for three days before her death. Raisa however died after a sudden collapse in Mina.

Haj pilgrims Ilyas Mohammed and Raheem Asif, belonged to Rangareddy district, rural Hyderabad, and died of heart attacks. Another victim of cardiac arrest was Farhat Meer who belonged to the Nizamabad district.

A Haj pilgrim from Rangareddy district, Tajuddin Mohammed, passed away on May 19 and was a resident of Rajendra Nagar Colony in rural Hyderabad. He was accompanied by his wife, Hussaini Begum, to the Kingdom to perform the annual Haj pilgrimage, according to a source who spoke to Siasat.com.

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Haj pilgrim from Hyderabad dies of heart attack in Makkah

Amid sweltering heat of more than 43 degrees Celsius, Tajuddin, along with other pilgrims, had been waiting outside the building No. 466. for several hours for the bus to travel to Mina and also missed Friday prayers. Pilgrims have alleged improper accommodation and travel arrangements added to their troubles on the foreign land.

Farhat, Ilyas and Tajuddin have been buried in Saudi Arabia. Information on the other deceased is awaited.

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