110-year-old man beats COVID-19 in Hyderabad

 A 110-year-old man has recovered from COVID-19 at a hospital here, thus becoming probably one of the oldest patients in the country to recover from the dreaded virus, doctors said on Wednesday.

Ramananda Teertha was admitted to the government-run Gandhi Hospital here on April 24 with mild COVID-19 symptoms and low saturation levels.

Gandhi Hospital superintendent Raja Rao said that Teertha has now recovered from COVID-19 and his saturation levels have also improved to 97.

According to the doctors, Teertha has now tested negative for COVID-19 but he will remain under observation at the general ward of the hospital for a few more days.

They said the centenarian had a miraculous recovery because he did not have any comorbidities.

Teertha has no family and lives alone at an ashram at Keesara near Hyderabad.

He met with an accident a few years ago and was admitted to the Gandhi Hospital where a doctor came forward to help him.

Anupama, a gynecologist, had arranged for food and shelter for the elderly person.