129th Du-Ba-Du matrimonial alliance program held in Hyderabad

Hyderabad: The 129th Du-Ba-Du Mulaqat matrimonial alliance program, organized by Siasat and Millat Fund, took place at Red Rose Palace in Nampally, Hyderabad, attracting numerous parents, guardians, and relatives on Sunday.

This event provided an opportunity for parents to introduce potential matches for their sons and daughters.

Amer Ali Khan, News Editor of Siasat Daily, along with Asghar Ali Khan and Faqar Ali Khan, the sons of late Zaheeruddin Ali Khan, graced the occasion. These three individuals inspected various counters and expressed their gratitude that the program has been beneficial for parents, alleviating the concerns associated with matrimonial alliances.

Syed Khalid Mohiuddin, the program coordinator, introduced various counters, categorized according to the educational backgrounds including medicine, engineering, graduates, post-graduates, MBA, MCA, intermediate, SSC, Alim, Hafiz, Fazil, second marriage, delayed marriage, and those with disabilities.

Profiles of boys were displayed on screens at the engineering counter. Saleh bin Abdullah Bahazaq introduced the program, emphasizing its positive outcomes.

Ilyas Bashah highlighted that Islam advocates a purposeful life, but many Muslims are not fully adhering to its teachings. He stressed that approaching marriage in accordance with Islamic principles can lead to success in both this world and the hereafter.

The event began with a qirat (recitation from the Quran). Many parents registered a total of 70 biodatas for boys and girls during the program.

Muhammad Ismail Ahmed, Marketing Manager, The Siasat Daily, BRS leader Hayat Hussain Habeeb, Hafiz Saber Pasha, Majid Ansari, Sheikh Nizamuddin Laeeq, and others were present at the program.

Additionally, coordinators at the counters set up for matchmaking included Mohammadi, Dr. Durdana, Ilyas Basha, Sania, Saleh bin Abdullah Bahazaq, Samina, Lateefunnissa, Kausar Jahan, Muhammad Ahmed, Imtiaz Tarannum Khan, Amina Khan, Muskan, Yasmin, Shamina, Afsar Begum, Shamra, Sana, Ashrafi, and others.

The event was also broadcasted on Facebook and YouTube, allowing viewers from both within the country and abroad to participate virtually.

Khalid Mohiuddin Asad extended his gratitude to the owners of The Red Rose Palace for their support in facilitating the Du-Ba-Du program.