13.65 kg of gold seized at Hyderabad airport in February alone

Hyderabad Desk

Hyderabad: Smugglers are adopting innovative ways to bring gold into India after hoodwinking the customs officials.

The customs officials who are now quite aware of various methods by studying the tactics of smugglers, increased their vigil at the RGI Airport Shamshabad successfully thwarted their attempts.

In February they seized over 13.65 Kg of gold valued at Rs. 6.03 Cr in 28 different cases.

Officials found the passengers arriving from the Middle East concealed the gold in their stomachs, rectums, hardware tools, mercury-coated chains, checked-in baggage etc. During the February month three arrests were made, customs officials maintained.

In two unique cases, the AIU officers found two gold rods, one each under 2 different seats on a flight.

The gold rods were concealed under the seat cushions. Total gold weighing 394 grams and Rs. 24.50 lakhs was seized.

In the other case, officials intercepted one passenger coming from Dubai and found gold (in wire form) concealed inside a metallic showcase article. The gold weighing 449 grams valued at Rs. 27.92 lakhs was seized.

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