14 km, 13 stations: Hyderabad Airport metro plan from Nagole to Chandrayangutta

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Hyderabad: To finalise the new Airport Metro alignment and station locations, Hyderabad Airport Metro Limited (HAML) MD NVS Reddy inspected a stretch from Nagole to Chandrayangutta for about 14 km today (Saturday) by walk.

This is the first leg of the Airport Metro from Nagole to Shamshabad airport.

13 stations fall in this section of the Airport Metro. Starting from the already existing Nagole station, the stretch goes through Nagole X roads, Alkapuri X roads, Kamineni Hospital, LB Nagar junction, Nagarjuna Sagar ring road, Mythri Nagar, Karmanghat, Champapet junction, Owaisi Hospital, DRDO, Hafeez Babanagar and Chandrayangutta.

The new Nagole Airport Metro station shall be located nearer to the existing Nagole station on the left side (towards LB Nagar). These two stations shall be connected with a wide skywalk at the concourse level for seamless transfer of passengers.

The alignment shall be shifted to the further left side by about 10 metres near Musi to avoid shifting of huge water mains and high-tension electrical lines. For crossing Musi, longer spans shall be planned for facilitating Musi rejuvenation works, a press release from HAML informed.

An additional station shall be planned after crossing the Musi River to give connectivity to the road coming from Kottapet jn for catering to the travel needs of nearby colonies.

The proposed Nagole RTO station shall be located nearer to Alkapuri junction (Lucky Restaurant) which will be useful for connectivity to ORR.

After Kamineni Hospital station which will be located on the right side of the flyover, LB Nagar junction station will pose several challenges due to the presence of an underpass and two flyovers.

The new station which will be on the right side of the junction, will have to be connected to the existing LB Nagar station of Corridor-I (Miyapur-LB Nagar) with a skywalk. The skywalk shall be wide enough to accommodate walkalators for the convenience of passengers, the press release further said.

The presence of multiple very high flyovers at the Bairamalguda/Sagar road junction will increase the height of the Airport Metro line abnormally. To reduce the height of the Airport Metro corridor and Bairamalguda/Sagar road Jn Metro station, the Metro alignment has to be shifted to the right side of the flyovers and the station located in the adjacent open space, HAML said.

HAML further said that the proposed stations at Mythri Nagar, Karmanghat, Champapet Road Jn, Owaisi Hospital, DRDO, Hafeez Baba Nagar etc., will have to be located nearer to the junction points to cater to the needs of nearby colonies.

It stated that the construction of Chandrayangutta interchange station will be an engineering challenge due to the presence of a flyover and the required terminal station facilities for the extension of Old City Metro up to Chandrayangutta.

“Proper integration of both corridors will have to be ensured with height adjustments of the concourse and platform levels of the interchange station,” HAML added.

Land acquisition

Due to the presence of many flyovers in the entire stretch from Nagole to Chandrayangutta, HAML said that land acquisition for the stations will have to be carefully planned to accommodate the stations with minimal acquisition of private properties.

“HAML officers shall take inputs from traffic police and the general public regarding the location of the Metro stations and for the finalisation of station names,” it said.

A group of Hyderabad Metro Rail (HMR) officials, led by MD NVS. Reddy, examined the 14-km Nagole-Chandrayangutta section of the Airport Metro on Saturday, April 27.

During this inspection, they opted to adjust the new route 10 meters to the left along the Musi River to prevent the relocation of significant water main pipelines and high-voltage power lines.

This alteration aims to facilitate the construction of a new metro station in Nagole, near the existing ‘Blue Line’ terminal station, as part of the planned metro connection to Shamshabad International Airport. The two stations will be linked by a skywalk at the concourse level.

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