181 cases of crimes against women recorded in September: Cyberabad SHE Teams

Hyderabad: 181 cases of crimes against women have been recorded under the limits of Cyberabad’s SHE Teams in the month of September based on complaints filed by victims through various mediums.

The petitions filed by women through social media platforms Whatsapp and Twitter, QR code and emails have revealed that 38 cases of phone harassment cases, 36 cases of domestic violence, 21 cases of abusing in vulgar language, 31 cases of blackmailing and harassing including cases of cyber harassment, 18 cases of misbehaving and stalking and 37 other crimes have been reported.

Among these, 40 cases have been registered out of which are 12 criminal cases have been booked under Nirbhaya Act and Information Technology Act while 28 cases are of minor crimes.

SHE Teams has released 61 respondents with warnings to change their attitudes, while 122 respondents were counselled at the Cyberabad Commissionerate. 78 respondents have been caught red-handed in operations and E-petty cases have been booked by the SHE Teams. They have also managed to prevent one child marriage from taking place in the areas under their jurisdiction.

“It has been noticed that more number of women are coming forward to register their complaints and we have assigned 11 teams in Cyberabad to cater to the needs of complainants. We request all the women suffering from teasing, stalking or any other atrocity to approach us,” said SHE Teams personnel.

To file a petition or complaint, one could send a WhatsApp message to the number + 91 9490617444. Dial 100 or send an e-mail to [email protected], or contact them on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. One could also contact the respective SHE teams located in the following areas at the numbers assigned.