3 victims in car crash at HCU’s main depot were drunk: Survivor

Hyderabad: The lone survivor of the Gachibowli car accident, Sai Sidhu who is a junior artist, and is currently fighting for his life in a hospital, claims that all three victims who died, Abdul Raheem, N Manasa, and M Manasa, had consumed alcohol hours before the horrific accident.

“Around midnight, Raheem drank whiskey while the two women drank beer at my place. After that, the girls demanded that they want tea, and they all got in the car and drove to Lingampally. At the hospital, Sai Sidhu told journalists that he had not consumed any alcohol.

He recalls telling his friends that police were checking for drunk driving in the city and that driving the car was extremely dangerous.

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Three killed in a car crash at Hyderabad University main depot

They had gone ahead, and the car crashed after colliding with a tree near Hyderabad Central University (HCU) road in Gachibowli at 3.30 a.m., The accident left three killed leaving Sidhu as the lone survivor.

Meanwhile, the victims’ autopsies are being carried out at the Osmania General Hospital. The victims’ relatives have arrived to collect their loved ones.