4780 unclaimed Muslim dead bodies were buried through ‘Siasat Millat Fund’

Hyderabad: Will any Muslim allow the dead body of his fellow Muslim to be cremated, dumped in the garbage, or handed over to medical institutions for dissection instead of burying it honorably?  Not at all. 

It was during a meeting Editor Siasat Zahid Ali Khan was having with some Muslim scholars when a Muslim policeman came and informed Khan about the sacrilege of the Muslim dead bodies.  Khan decided immediately to ensure a proper burial for such bodies.  In the beginning, he paid all the expenses from his pocket.  Later on, ‘Siasat Millat Fund’ (SMF) came forward to take over this responsibility.

SMF conducted the burial of 9 Muslim bodies on Saturday at ‘Tharthare Shah’ burial ground, Secunderabad.  By this new figure, the number of Muslim dead bodies buried through SMF totaled 4780 which include, old, young, kids, men, and women.

Saturday’s burial prayer was led by Maulana Moizuddin Ashrafi the Khalifa of Maulana Madani Mian who cited a hadith on the occasion and said, “If a Muslim’s dead body is buried without burial prayer, the people of the whole locality become sinful.”

A team is tasked for this purpose under Syed Zahid Hussain.  Whenever any Muslim dead body is unclaimed, the police informs Siasat’s News Editor Amir Ali Khan for its proper burial as per Islamic rites.  Muslim dead bodies are also received from Osmania General Hospital, Gandhi Hospital’s mortuaries as well as the old homes run by the Christian missionaries. 

These unclaimed Muslim bodies are buried at Afzalganj, Kokatpally, Tharthare Shah, Erragadda, Pahadi Sharif, Karwan, Daira Mir Momin, Tappa Choubatra, Gaulipura, and other areas Muslim burial grounds. Some of the persons who are actively participating in this noble task are, Syed Zahid Hussain, Syed Zubair  Hashmi, Syed Abdul Manan, Mohd Abdul Jalil, Samiullah Khan, Mohd Jaffar, Mohd Afsar, Inayatullah Khan, Abdul Jabbar, Mohd Iqbal, Shaikh Abdul Aziz, Osman Al Hajri, Ms. Bushra Tabassum, Ms. Fahimunnisa.