5 Things to do at Shilparamam: A Guide to the ‘Cultural Village’

Hyderabad: If you are an aesthete and have the ability to distinguish between real and fake crafts, then Shilparamam is the perfect place for you. Sprawling over 65 acres of land, Shilparamam is basically an arts and crafts village located in Madhapur area of the city. The purpose behind the establishment of this village is to restore and preserve the legacy of India’s rich culture. Ethnic festivals are held here round the year to provide a common platform to artisans so that they can showcase their talents and art. 

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In February every year, the All India Festival of Arts and Crafts is held here for cultural integration.  But the village is visited by local tourists every day and one can not only find the amazing artefacts but you can enjoy boating, visit Sculpture Park, Amphitheater, Rock museum etc., The timings to visit the place are from 10:30 am to 08:00 pm and you can visit any day of the week. The entry fee for adults is Rs 60 while as it is only Rs 20 for children.

Here in this write-up, we are going to tell you what you should do in Shilparamam?

1. Boating

Shilparamam literally translates into ‘Crafts Village’ in English. Besides buying some worthy crafts you can also go boating here. There are pedal boats inside the Shilparamam which have attractive designs. The fee for boating is Rs 30 for each person.

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2. Sculpture Park

The sculpture park here is the first of its kind in India. So, if you visit Shilparamam, don’t miss it.

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3. Kashmiri Dresses

You can buy popular Kashmiri dresses and handmade crafts anytime here. You can fill your basket by buying ornaments, footwear, wooden and other handicraft items from Kashmir. You have a lot of options on every item you choose to buy here.

4. Ceramic Crockery

If you are kind of traditional and love antique and vintage items, then you are at the right place. The place offers you a plethora of crockery items to buy. You can choose from bone china cup sets to all other ceramic items. The starting price of the various items is only Rs 100.

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5. Antiques

If you are the interior designer of your home and want to create theme-based decor for your room, trust us…This place is best. You can bring home antiques at affordable prices. Once set in the home, these antiques will give you the “Nawab aur Mahal wali” vibes.

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6. Fill in the tummy!

Whether you’re in the mood for a quick snack or a full meal, the food stalls at Shilparamam have something for everyone.