643 people ended life on railway tracks at Secunderabad in 2022

Hyderabad: Suicidal deaths on railway tracks in the Secunderabad railway district are increasing every passing year. In the year 2022, a total of 643 persons ended their lives on the railway tracks and which is recorded as 10 per cent increase from the previous year.

The suicides reported on railway tracks in 2021 were 567, 2020- 306, 2019 -442, and 2018 – 470.

Government Railway Police officials point out there are various reasons for people to end their lives like personal issues, love failure, family matters, health problems, financial problems, and loss in business. Majority of the people ending their lives on railway tracks are men.

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“People slip into depression and resort to the extreme step. The urge to end lives is so high that they sleep on the railway tracks or sometimes jump in front of a train,” said Superintendent Railway Police, B Anuradha.

The railway tracks are unguarded and run several kilometers and impossible to prevent any person from coming on the tracks due for different reasons. “If anyone attempts to end lives at railway stations our personnel act swiftly and prevent it. On railway tracks, if we get alerts we try to rush but it is always not successful. The tracks are deserted and no one is around so people prefer it,” said the official.

People living in the vicinity of the railway stations mostly prefer the railway tracks to die by suicide. In rare cases, people travel from far-off places to die by suicide on railway tracks. In a case, a sub-inspector working in the traffic wing of Hyderabad who stayed at Punjagutta went to Ghatkesar railway station and ended his life on railway tracks in October.