9-month-old toddler kidnapped from Hyderabad, rescued in Zaheerabad

Hyderabad Desk

Hyderabad: The Zaheerabad police apprehended a woman on Sunday, March 3, for allegedly abducting one of the twin female toddlers she had been caring for while the parents had taken the other child to the hospital.

Upon their return, they discovered both the caretaker, Shahjahana Begum, and the nine-month-old child were missing.

The couple approached the police for help who conducted an investigation into the matter.

Using CCTV cameras, the police discovered that Shahjahana Begum had boarded a Zaheerabad-bound bus from the Mahatma Gandhi bus station at Imlibun.

Then, the Madannapet police immediately alerted the Zaheerabad police, who were able to apprehend the woman as soon as the bus arrived in Zaheerabad.

The child was then handed over to their parents, the police said.

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