Adani investment row: Telangana CM acting like Modi’s puppet, alleges BRS

Hyderabad: Bharat Rashtra Samithi (BRS) leader Dr Dasoju Sravan criticised chief minister A Revanth Reddy for ‘acting like a puppet of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’ after Adani announced investment in Telangana at the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos.

“While Congress leader Rahul Gandhi targets Gautam Adani and his connections with Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Congress CM Revanth Reddy gives a red carpet welcome to the Adani Group in Telangana. The Congress party should clarify its stand on Adani,” he said while pointing out that Adani announced huge investments in Telangana after Revanth Reddy met PM Modi in New Delhi.

Addressing a press conference, along with party leader Manne Krishank at Telangana Bhavan on Saturday, January 20, Sravan said that Revanth Reddy came to power “based on lies and is still resorting to lies to stay afloat.”

“Almost 30% (12,400 Cr) of the total investments (40,000 Cr) belong to one man, Gautam Adani. Is it a case of ‘Delhi lo Khusti, Galli lo dosti’ (‘Wrestling in Delhi, friendship in the streets.’) with Good Adani in Telangana and Bad Adani in Delhi?” he asked.

Sravan also played a video clip of Rahul Gandhi’s speech in the Parliament wherein he criticised Gautam Adani and also accused the Modi government of having close connections.

“Rahul Gandhi even called Adani a national fraud. Rahul Gandhi is still talking about Adani in the ongoing Bharat Jodo Nyay Yatra. It should be clarified by the Congress – why Rahul attacks Adani in Delhi, why Revanth Reddy is promoting him,” he said.

Similarly, he raised questions on Godi India Pvt Ltd announcing an Rs 8,000 Crore investment.

“Its authorised share capital is just Rs 1.5 Crore, and paid-up capital is less than Rs 75 Lakhs. Annual Profit/Loss is just Rs 27 Lakhs. How is it possible for this company to invest Rs 8,000 crore?” Sravan asked.

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“In 2022, JSW Energy and the Telangana government already signed an MOU for a Hydro Pumped Storage Plant. Congress claims JSW signed the same MOU at WEF, Davos. The C4IR announcement was already made by KTR. Other investments like Aragen Life Sciences & WebWerks were discussed with BRS government for expansion/investment,” Dasoju Sravan said.