Admit patients, don’t insist for COVID-19 report: Gandhi hospital SP

Hyderabad: The superintendent of Gandhi hospital has asked the security and police personnel posted at the institution’s gates to admit patients for COVID-19 without insisting for an RTPCR test report. Superintendent Dr. Raja Rao issued a directive on April 21 asking the police and security personnel to not stop any vehicles/ambulance from entering the premises. He also asked all doctors there to admit patients without insisting for a report as well.

Gandhi hospital, which is one of Hyderabad’s major state-run healthcare institutions, also has once again become a nodal COVID-19 treatment centre only. The state government once again turned it into a hospital only to treat COVID-19 patients, like it had done last year. All other non-COVID patients have been shifted to other hospitals in the city. Dr Raja Rao, in his directive, also mentioned that there should not be any delay in admitting patients.

Moreover, there were rumours of Gandhi hospital also running out of oxygen cylinders. However, Dr Raja Rao dispelled this and said it was not true. A report in Telangana Today, quoting him, said that there was no shortage of oxygen meant for critical COVID-19 patients.

“These are just rumours and there is no oxygen shortage in Gandhi Hospital. The hospital has a huge gas tank, which was recently constructed, with a capacity of 20 kilo litres (KL), apart from smaller six KL gas tanks. These oxygen tanks are filled from time to time. All of us should also pray that our State should not face oxygen shortage,” Dr Raja Rao stated.