After chilly winter season, Hyderabad may witness harsh summer

Hyderabad: The residents of Hyderabad who were witnessing the chilly winter season for the past few weeks are likely to see harsh summer in the coming months as El Nino event may make 2023 hotter.

The last three years were La Nina years whereas, the upcoming year is likely to be El Nino which not only makes summer harsher but also results in monsoon failure.

What are El Nino and La Nina?

El Nino and La Nina are two climate patterns. While El Nino is known for the abnormal warming of surface water in the eastern tropical pacific ocean whereas, La Nina results in the unusual cooling of the tropical eastern pacific.

In the El Nino effect, the sea surface temperature becomes much higher than normal. This temperature can be 4 to 5 degree Celsius higher than normal. El Nino is a part of the climate system. It has a profound effect on the weather. Due to its arrival, there is an effect on the weather all over the world.

In the La Nina effect, the sea surface temperature drops significantly. It has a direct effect on the temperature around the world and the temperature becomes colder than average. During this period in India, it is very cold and the rains are also moderate.

The duration of the La Nina event is between one to three years whereas, El Nino continues for less than a year.

Their impact on seasons in India

Due to this unusual warming and cooling of surface water, the monsoon in India is adversely affected. In intense La Nina, flood poses risk to crops whereas, in El Nino, the agriculture sector faces drought conditions.

For the past three years, Hyderabad along with other parts of the country was seeing chilly winter season and good monsoon due to La Nina, however, El Nino which is likely to be witnessed in the upcoming months may make summer hotter.

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Hyderabad may see harsh summer after chilly winter

During the past few weeks, Hyderabad saw chilly winter season with colder morning and warmer day. The minimum temperate in some area dropped to 6.5 degrees Celsius last week.

However, in the next few months, the city is likely to see rise in temperature. Even the monsoon season in the city is likely to be impacted due to the El Nino event.

In 2015, the El Nino event has significantly increased the temperature in the city during the summer. It has also affected rainfall and crop output in India.