After Haleem Bun, ‘Haleem Dosa’ hits Hyderabad Ramzan food scene

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Hyderabad, a city known for its passionate love with food, has been witnessing culinary clashes with the emergence of unique food fusions. Following the viral sensation ‘Haleem Chicken 65 Bun,’ another unconventional creation, ‘Haleem Dosa’ has taken the Hyderabad Ramzan food scene by storm, stirring up conversations among food lovers in the city.

A local eatery in Vijayanagar Colony has introduced this innovative fusion dish, which combines the flavors of Haleem and Dosa. A viral reel circulating online shows the process of making ‘Haleem Dosa’, a small tin of Haleem is placed atop a regular dosa, followed by sprinkling of cheese over it.

Check out the video below.

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While both Haleem and Dosa hold esteemed positions in the hearts and palates of Hyderabadis, the fusion of these two iconic dishes has sparked mixed reactions. People are perceiving it as a deviation from tradition, dubbing it “Haleem ki Tauheen” or disrespect to haleem.

What is Haleem?

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So, what exactly is Haleem? This mouth-watering dish boasts a unique texture, prepared by pounding mutton or chicken, mixing it with a plethora of dry fruits and spices, and slow-cooking it on a Bhatti (charcoal stove) in a large vessel. Indulging in Haleem means setting aside dietary concerns, as it has loads of ghee.

Have you tried the Haleem Dosa? If yes, share your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.

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