After raids at restaurants in Hyderabad, hotels in Secunderabad inspected

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Hyderabad: After conducting inspections at restaurants in Hyderabad, the task force team of the Food Safety Department of Telangana began inspecting hotels in Secunderabad.

Yesterday, the team conducted inspections at Hotel Sandarshini, Raj Bar and Restaurant, and Alpha Hotel.

Violations found in hotels in Secunderabad

At Hotel Sandarshini, food articles stored inside the refrigerator were covered but not labelled properly. Moreover, the kitchen premises were not fitted with an insect-proof screen.

However, food handlers were found wearing aprons and hair caps.

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In the case of Raj Bar and Restaurant, a rat was observed near the dustbin area. No rat traps were arranged.

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At the restaurant, dustbins were found open without proper lids. Food handlers were found without hair caps and aprons.

Violations were also found at Alpha Hotel in Secunderabad. At the hotel, unhygienic conditions like open dustbins and plastering flakes on the ceiling were observed.

Moreover, the kitchen premises were not fitted with a proper insect-proof screen.

According to the task force team, the FBO hindered the food safety officials during inspection and refused to sign the inspection report at the end.

The Commissioner of Food Safety mentioned that as per Clause 62 of the FSS Act 2006, a case will be booked against the FBO, with a punishment of up to 3 months imprisonment and a fine of up to Rs. 1 Lakh.

Raids at restaurants in Hyderabad

Recently, the task force team conducted raids at various restaurants in Hyderabad and found many irregularities.

At some restaurants, the team found hygiene issues, while at others, the usage of expired products was noted.

Following the inspections, the National Restaurant Association of India (NRAI) has decided to give hygiene ratings to restaurants in Hyderabad.

This initiative aims to increase the accountability of NRAI members.

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