Agnipath: Friday violence worst in Secunderabad railway station history

Hyderabad: The Friday violence will go down as the worst in Secunderabad railway station history. The “Agnipath” protestors had a free run for about 10 hours torching trains and vandalizing railway property on a wider scale. 

The protestors burned bogies and caused heavy damage to property worth Rs. 12 crores.  The train services were halted for the whole day. The passengers were seen running helter-skelter to save their lives leaving behind their luggage. The day will go down in the history of Secunderabad railway station as a black day.  

There were many protests in the past:  the railway employees’ protest for pay hike (1927), protest against feudal system, farmer’s protest, quit India movement (1942), Anti-Nizam struggle (1947), armed struggle (1948), Protest against Razakar, protest against merger with Andhra (1952) and Vishakha Steel Protest (1966) and many other protests. But Never ever the railway station property was damaged as was the case during the Agnipath scheme protest on Friday.

At most, trains were halted and stones were pelted during the Vishakha Steel Protest.