Ahead of Ranji Trophy, HCA announces league matches from June 6

Hyderabad: Administrator of Hyderabad Cricket Association (HCA), K Durga Prasad, on Monday announced that league matches will commence on June 6.

Players can register themselves for the matches from May 24, until June 3. Each club or institution can register 18 players where 15 players should be registered by June 3 and the other three can be registered two days before the match date.

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It is to be noted that the transfer of players and last-minute registrations won’t be allowed.

This time, the leagues will have three divisions in their format where Division A will have 21 teams playing three-day cricket, Division B will have 62 teams playing two-day cricket and Division C with 105 teams playing one-day matches.

The Combined Districts team will be part of A division as also Budding Star CC.

The three divisions have been further divided into pools and will face promotion and relegation. The two bottom teams in the A division move down to the B division while the top two in the B division will be promoted at the end of the season.

The A division comprises two pools and after the league matches, zones will be played to select the team to represent Hyderabad in Ranji Trophy and U-23 tournaments.

The B division is split into five pools with the top two in each pool playing the top two from other pools. Their ranking will decide their promotion. The bottom two will be relegated.

The C division, with 105 teams, is divided into six pools where the top team in each pool will play the top teams from the other pools to decide the ranking among them.

In order to maintain standards, the HCA has made it mandatory for A division teams to have a minimum of three Ranji players and a minimum of two who played representative cricket for Hyderabad.

The Institutional teams need to have a minimum of seven permanent employees in the playing XI where the age limit for A division is 40 years.

However, except for Combined Districts, it doesn’t apply to B division.

As per the HCA constitution, selectors have to be appointed by the Apex Council and ratified by the general body.