AICC spokesperson Sravan Dasoju appeals for new agitation for jobs in Telangana

Hyderabad: AICC National Spokesperson Dr Sravan Dasoju on Saturday appealed to the student community of Telangana to launch a new agitation aimed at achieving government jobs and fighting against the sadistic rulers of the state. The senior Congress party leader believes that the death of unemployed youth, Sunil Nayak, who committed suicide in protest of the negligent attitude of CM KCR who has shamelessly neglected to fill the vacant government jobs ever since the formation of Telangana. Dr Sravan along with Congress party leaders including Youth Congress President Shiv Sen Reddy, General Secretary Tillu Yadav, Greater Hyderabad Youth Congress President, Motha Rohith, OU JAC Leader Dayakar and Prof Jyotsna Thirunagari of TDP among others have paid tributes to the deceased Sunil Nayak through a Candle Light Protest at the Arts College in Hyderabad, the epicenter of Separate Telangana movement.

“Our son of the soil, Sunil Nayak, who belongs to Lambada community, had said that he didn’t know whether he would die or alive. But, if alive, he would simply protest against KCR over his blatant negligence of providing employment to Telangana youth. So, mere small candles may not truly reflect the spirit of Sunil Nayak but, they should ignite a new moment to fight until our jobs are given to us. I invite all the students and graduates to come on to the roads and intensify the new agitation for bending the necks of CM KCR and KTR who have been blatantly betraying over 40 lakh beleaguered unemployed Telangana youth. It would be the true dedication to the spirit of Sunil Nayak whose soul may then only be rest in peace”, Dr Sravan urged.

Terming Sunil Nayak’s dead body was not just a corpse, Dr Sravan said that it’s going to be the ‘death mandate’ to the sadist rulers who are looting the people of Telangana. He reiterated that the students are not asking for KCR’s properties but, only seeking their legitimate rights and fulfilling it is the constitutional obligation for any chief minister.

“Over 1,500 have been martyred during the separate Telangana movement who fought for jobs, one of the three core pillars – water, funds and jobs – set forth by Prof Jayashankar sir. But, even in Telangana at least 30-40 students died for absence of job notifications. Students who have sacrificed their personal life to participate in the Telangana movement faced lathies and bullets and lost over 12 years of valuable years (2009 to 2021) in search of jobs. They are currently unable to face their parents and becoming daily wage earners. Why can’t KCR fill up the vacant jobs and why isn’t the number of jobs not increased in relation to the number of districts expanded. Jobs should have been doubled from 4.19 lakh”, he pointed out.

Dr Sravan demands for a regular job calendar in Telangana and for the restoration of ITIR and Animation and Gaming city projects to provide millions of jobs to the unemployed youth who are considered the highest among all the states in India, according to CMRI survey. He criticizes KTR for his utter failure in establishing skill development centres in the state and asked him to stop lying on 15 lakh jobs as not even 1% Telangana youth found jobs through TS-Ipass.

The senior Congress leader further criticizes the government for not providing loans to BC, SC, ST and Minority youth for self employment. Not even 5% of applications have been processed so far. Therefore, Dr Sravan appealed to all the BC, SC, ST and Minorities to review the governance and urged their support for the agitation.