AIMIM adopts 9-point resolution, condemns rise of Muslim, Dalit attacks

Hyderabad: At the national convention here on Sunday, the All India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen (AIMIM) adopted a nine-point resolution, including condemnation of the increasing number of hate crimes against Muslim and Dalit communities nationwide, opposing the Uniform Civil Code, and scrapping of Maulana Azad National Fellowship among others.

Attack on Minorities and Dalits

The resolution was moved by AIMIM national spokesperson Waris Pathan.

Apart from condemning Muslim/Dalit attacks, AIMIM stated that there was a direct connection between the patronage given by the BJP governments, frequent hate speeches and targeted violence, thus creating an environment of fear and insecurity in the country.

“BJP and Congress-led governments have repeatedly participated in “Dahram Sansads”, making genocidal calls against Muslims. State governments’ inaction against such sansads has emboldened criminal elements,” the resolution said.

It also acknowledged increasing sexual violence on women, violence for merely riding a horse to a wedding, and a call for socio-economic boycotts.

“AIMIM also condemns the silence and unwillingness of self-identifying secular parties to counter such hate speech and violence,” the resolution said.

The resolution also spoke about the clamp down on Love Jihad, crime in the name of cow protection, anti-conversion law, compensation to the victims, and rehabilitation of their families, strengthening the implementation of SC/ST Act and protection from religious-based discrimination.

Reservation of Muslims

AIMIM’s second point was on the reservation of Muslims. It was moved by AIMIM Aurangabad MP and Maharashtra president Imtiaz Jaleel.

The Centre and several state governments have time and again refused to provide reservations to Muslims in the field of education and public employment.

“Other communities with similar (or lower) levels of deprivation continue to enjoy reservations while the same is denied to Muslims,” the AIMIM resolution stated.

It asked the Centre to breach the 50% ceiling limit on reservations by introducing constitutional amendments.

The resolution asked for sub-classification in the Central OBC list and ensure the most backward get the highest bracket of reservation.

It also asked the Telangana government to increase the reservation of backward Muslim groups from 4 to 12 percent.

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Uniform Civil Code

The resolution was moved by AIMIM national spokesperson Waris Pathan.

AIMIM vehemently opposes the implementation of the Uniform Civil Code (UCC) and termed it as a disaster that strips away every culture and religious group’s right to preservation under Article 29 of the Indian Constitution.

“A uniform civil code already exists in India in the form of various laws such as the Special Marriage Act, Indian Succession Act, Juvenile Justice Act, etc. If individuals wish to be subjected to personal laws they have the option to choose, marry, divorce and adopt under non-religious laws,” the resolution stated.

Love Jihad/ Freedom of Religion

The resolution was moved by AIMIM national spokesperson Asim Waqar.

It recognizes Love Jihad and interference in the freedom of religion as draconian laws that are used to persecute Christians and Muslims.

AIMIM called for the repeal of such laws that restricts a person to chose a spouse/partner of their choice.

Waqf properties

The resolution was passed by AIMIM Maharashtra working president Ghaffar Quadari.

It states that Waqf properties have recently been subjected to encroachments across India. It acknowledged that apart from Central and state governments, existing provisions of the Waqf Act have failed to ensure the safety of the properties.

I also urged the Centre to amend the Waqf Act 1995 and provide judicial powers, similar to the power provided in case to Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments.

Violating Secularism, Hindu Rashtra

The resolution was moved by AIMIM GHMC corporator Sameena Begum.

AIMIM condemns the repeated calling for the establishment of a Hindu Rashtra by several MLAs and MPs.

“India was never a Hindu Rashtra and it will never be. India also respects those who have no religion or worship no deity. India must honour everyone with equal respect and dignity. No person must be forced to forfeit their religious identity or forced to accept a majoritarian supremacy,” the resolution stated.

It also demanded Prime Minister Narendra Modi defend the Places of Worship Act, 1991 in the Supreme Court.

Talking to Sangh Parivar

The resolution was moved by AIMIM national spokesperson Waris Pathan.

It recognized Sangh Parivar as an organization rooted in anti-Muslim hatred and the promotion of Hindu supremacy.

“The Sangh Parivar does not believe in democracy, secularism or pluralism and instead promotes assimilation of diverse Indians rather than accepting its diversity,” the resolution stated.

Educational Schemes

The resolution was moved by AIMIM Maharashtra working president Gaffar Quadari

AIMIM strongly condemns the scrapping of the Maulana Azad National Fellowship and Pre-matric scholarships for minorities, SC and ST students.

“The discontinuation of these schemes and slashing of the budget of union Ministry of Minorities Affairs by 40% is a clear expression of the government’s anti-minority agenda,” the resolution stated.

Civil Liberties

The resolution was moved by AIMIM Bihar youth president and spokesperson Aadil Hasan.

AIMIM also condemned draconian laws such as the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act (UAPA), Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act (AFSPA), National Security Act (NSA) and the Public Safety Act (PSA).

“These laws have been repeatedly used against Muslims, Dalits, Adivasis and intellectuals. The government must prosecute and punish officials involved in false prosecutions under anti-terror laws, and complete compensation for the victim’s families,” the resolution stated.