AIMPLB women’s wing launches campaign for easy nikah

Hyderabad: The Women’s Wing of All India Muslim Personal Law Board has launched a 10 days “Masnoon Nikah” campaign at all India level to make marriage an easy and simple affair.

This campaign has been launched from Telangana’s Capital from December 28 2021. The first session was held at Aamdaar Function Hall at Musheerabad on Tuesday.

The function began by Quran recitation by Ms. Asma Nadeem, representative of Muslim Development Society.

Prof. Tayyaba Sultana shed light on the concept of easy Nikah as per “sunnat”. “Muslims must avoid Un-Islamic social practices in marriages,” she said.

Dr Asma Zehra Chief organizer Women Wing spoke on the topic “Social Media and the Reformation”. She explained that some social evil practices are spoiling the Muslim society. “We need to end those practices,” she said.

“It is the duty of every Muslim to know what is ‘Haram and what is Halal’ in the light of Quran. Every Muslim man and woman must know what are the the rights, duties and obligations under the marriage contract,” Dr.Asma said.

Dr Asma told the Muslim women and girls to maintain chastity. She referred to the Quranic verse which exhorts the believers to follow the religion in totality. “It is the duty of every woman and girl to differentiate between halal and haram relations and must resolve to live life maintaining chastity and avoid being involved in ‘affairs’ which is a grave sin. Patience is the essence of Quranic teachings and hence we must steadfast in the face of difficulties in life,” she said.

Ms. Zara Khan representative of Muslim Girls Association spoke about the youth’s role in “Masnoon Nikah”. She said that youths are the wealth of any nation. Any change can only be brought about through the youth. “In respect of marriage, the Muslim youths who can play a crucial role to end Un-Islamic practices like dowry, monetary demands, singing dancing and other evil practices during the marriage.”

“It is the need of the hour for Muslim boys and girls to lead life according to the teachings of Quran and sunnat. We must stay away from involvement in ‘affairs’ through social media,” she said.

About 500 girl students took part in this special session which was concluded with “Dua” (supplication).

Those who wish to hold a “Masnoon Nikah” program in their areas can contact 9032 961 712 or 2332 657.