Are banks in Hyderabad going to observe a holiday on Monday?

Hyderabad: The central government has announced a ‘half-day’ holiday on the occasion of the inauguration of the Ram Temple in Ayodhya on January 22, however, will banks in Hyderabad also remain closed on Monday?

Banks in Hyderabad will not observe a holiday on January 22, but they will remain closed until 2:30 pm on Monday.

Upcoming holidays for banks in Hyderabad

Following is the list of upcoming holidays in January 2024 for banks in the city

  • January 21: Sunday
  • January 26: Republic Day
  • January 27: Fourth Saturday
  • January 28: Sunday
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Ram Temple inauguration: States announce ‘half-day’ holiday on January 22

Half-day holiday for government offices:

As per the announcement, all central government offices will remain closed for half a day on Monday.

According to the notification issued by the Department of Personnel and Training, Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances, and Pensions, all Central Government offices, Central Institutions, and Central Industrial Establishments across the country shall remain closed for half a day until 2:30 pm.

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Sankranti, Republic Day, other holidays for banks in Hyderabad

Apart from the central government, some states have also announced a ‘half-day’ holiday on January 22. These states are:

  • Tripura
  • Odisha
  • Rajasthan
  • Gujarat
  • Assam

In these states, state-level government offices will also remain closed for half a day until 2:30 pm on Monday.