Are TSRTC depot managers asking drivers to pay for excess diesel?

Hyderabad: The depot managers of Telangana State Road Transport Corporation (TSRTC) are reportedly asking drivers to pay for the excess diesel if buses fail to meet the mileage.

A driver belonging to Midhani deport, G. Venkanna has received a notice asking him to pay the cost of the excess diesel, DC reported.

The notice read, “You have driven 4,400 kilometres in the month of April, by consuming 948 litres of diesel. The mileage of the bus is 4.64 kilometres per litre, against the average 5.20 km per litre. A total of 102 litres of fuel was excessively consumed by the bus, for which Rs 10,710 was excessively spent. For the loss caused by you to this corporation, the amount will be recovered from your salary. You give an explanation within seven days as to why we should not recover the amount from your salary.”

The union and drivers alleged that the corporation is plying busses that are not in good shape and expects good mileage.

Justifying the reason behind the excess fuel, one of the drivers said that if the busses are not in good condition, the mileage is bound to go down. Bad road conditions are also responsible for the drop in mileage, he added.

Manager of Midhani depot K. Anjanyelu has been quoted saying that the carelessness of the drivers is causing losses to the corporation.