Armed robbers attack Hyderabadi student in US; wife seeks help

Hyderabad: A Hyderabadi student, pursuing masters degree at Indiana Weslay University in Chicago, was seriously injured in an attack by armed robbers near his house at Campbell Ave, Chicago.

The victim was identified as Syed Mazahir Ali, a resident of Lunger House, Hyderabad.

The attack took place on February 4 when armed robbers targeted Ali and his friend. Part of the attack was caught on a neighbour’s CCTV camera. In the video, Ali can be seen trying to run away after noticing the suspects. “They held a gun at me. They threw punches on my eye, ribs, and head,” Ali told the US local media.

The robbers took away his wallet and his cellphone before fleeing, police said.

Ali had moved in the area just six months ago. “America is my dream country. I came here to fulfil my dreams and do my master’s, by yesterday’s incident gave me trauma,” the local media quoted him.

An hour after the incident, local police said another similar incident happened nearby where the robbers targeted a young couple.

Back in Hyderabad, Ali’s wife and three minor children are concerned. Ali’s wife has written a letter to the foreign affairs minister S Jaishankar, requesting him to facilitate her travel to US so she could meet her husband who is undergoing treatment at a hospital.