Ashok Chavan says Kaleshwaram a rebranded Congress project, ATM for KCR

Hyderabad: The Kaleshwaram Lift Irrigation Project was actually initially under Congress government, and it was called Ambedkar Sujala Sravanti, former Maharashtra chief minister and senior Congress leader Ashok Chavan said on Thursday.

Chavan was speaking to reporters at Gandhi Bhavan in Hyderabad. 

“The BRS rebranded Ambedkar Sujala Sravanti to Kaleshwaram and inflated the project cost substantially. Kaleshwaram project is serving as an ATM for the KCR family,” he alleged. 

“The facts about Kaleshwaram have come to light after Rahul Gandhi visited the project. There are serious flaws in the design of the Kaleshwaram project,” Ashok added. 

“The money wasted on the Kaleshwaram project has become a debt on the people of Telangana,” he said and asked, “Where did the Kaleshwaram money go? CM KCR is deceiving the people by saying it is to provide water for the farmers.”

“The Congress’ graph is increasing day by day. We will form a government in Telangana. Our party has a track record of keeping its promises,” he said during the press conference. 

Meanwhile, the Maharashtra leader visited the house of Congress’ Secunderabad candidate GV Venella, daughter of legendarily Telugu balladeer Gadar.