Avoid driving against foggy mornings: Hyderabad traffic police

Hyderabad: Traffic police in Cyberabad and Rachakonda areas have appealed to the public to avoid travelling as much as possible in the early mornings due to the prevailing fog in the city.

In a traffic advisory released here on Thursday, the traffic police said that many accidents are taking place, mainly in the Outer Ring Road area, the state and national highways due to low visibility and hence public are requested to travel when there is sunlight.

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Rachakonda deputy commissioner of police (Traffic) D Srinivas asked to take breaks when the fog is thick. “If already travelling, it is better to suspend travel during the early hours and take a break at a safer place. Otherwise, it is advisable to start the journey when there is proper sunlight in the morning and end travel by evening,” the senior police official said.

“Always check the rearview mirrors before braking and use low-beam headlights to help other drivers see you,” he said.

Cyberabad DCP (traffic) T Srinivas Rao asked drivers to park their vehicles on roadsides to avoid clashing with other vehicles.

Advisory on driving during foggy weather

  • Turn on hazard lights
  • Keep an eye on the road and use your ears more carefully to judge traffic that you cannot see
  • Turn off loud music and don’t use your mobile when driving
  • Honk periodically to alert other vehicles about your presence
  • Listen to the oncoming traffic by lowering the windows while changing lanes or taking turns.
  • If the fog condition is bad, avoid driving further and wait for an improvement in visibility.