Bajrang Dal to hold mass ‘Hanuman Chalisa’ events across Telangana

Hyderabad: The Telangana unit of the Bajrang Dal will be holding a mass ‘hanuman Chalisa recitation program all across the State on Tuesday evening to protest against the Congress party’s promise to ban Bajrang Dal if it comes to power in Karnataka.

The State Convenor of Bajrang Dal said the Congress party in Karnataka in its election manifesto compared the Bajrang Dal party to the Popular Front of India. The party stated that if it comes to power in the state it will ban the Bajrang Dal.

The move of the Congress party led to widespread protests by the fringe group across the country. In Telangana, the Bajrang Dal activists burned effigies of the Congress party and stormed the Telangana Congress headquarters Gandhi Bhavan.

“A massive ‘Hanuman Challisa’ recitation program will be organized at all temples, villages, and junctions in the state to drive some sense among the Congress party workers and leaders. All people should participate in the program,” said Bajrang Dal Telangana convenor, Sree Ramulu.