Bandi Sanjay arrested from party office during Jaagran Deeksha

Hyderabad: Telangana Police arrested Bharatiya Janata Party state chief and minister of parliament, Bandi Sanjay, and other activists, on Sunday Night, from the party’s office and derailed their attempt to conduct a ‘Jaagran Deeksha’.

The MP along with other party leaders had gathered, in large numbers, at the party’s office, despite COVID-19 regulations, in solidarity with state government employees, teachers against TS government order 317, pertaining to public employment, and a new zonal system of job allocation.

The teachers have alleged that the system that has been forced upon them has discrepancies, where allocation and transfers are not based on seniority and nativity, to the allocated location, rather based on favoritism towards those who have contacts with higher officials.

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The party leaders were arrested two hours after the ‘Jaagran’ was launched as police personnel forced their way into the office, breaking open the locks of the conference hall’s doors.

Sanjay in a protest against the police trying to force their way into the office, banged his head against a table, even as the police officer attempted to stop him.

Sanjay was brought out of his office and scurried away into the police van, even as party protestors tried to block their way, raising slogans against the ruling Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) party.

The BJP leaders violated COVID-19 safety regulations, by conducting unauthorized meetings/gatherings, following which the police were forced to take action against them.

Sanjay has reportedly been arrested from the office in Karimnagar and has been shifted to the Manakondoor police station.

On Tuesday, December 28, a number of teachers were also detained by the police for staging a protest at the Secretariat in Hyderabad, against the government’s decision.