Bandi Sanjay slams IPS officer Praveen Kumar

Hyderabad: State BJP president Bandi Sanjay Kumar today slammed the IPS officers of the state. He alleged that the IPS officers were turning into criminals in the state.

He made these remarks after meeting the party workers, who have been arrested in Bhainsa communal violence incident , at Adilabad district jail during Mulaakat.

Speaking on the occasion he demanded the state government to order a judicial inquiry in the Bhainsa incident. He alleged that the police had arrested innocent while leaving the actual accused.

He said that they were not scared of the police while alleging that the police had harassed their party workers . He also alleged that the police had booked cases against innocent party workers and added that they would harass the CM of the state KCR and his son KTR after coming into power. He said that they would take the details of Bhainsa incident to the notice of the central government.

He also targeted senior IPS officer RS Praveen Kumar and asked the state government as to what it was doing when its officers are running anti-Hindu Organizations .

He also asked the state government as to why no action was initiated against Praveen Kumar even after he was caught along with other officials with clear evidence.