Bandi Sanjay slams KCR over allotment of Kokapet land to BRS party for cheep rates

Hyderabad: BJP state president and MP Bandi Sanjay Kumar today demanded the state government to immediately withdraw the land allotment of the ruling BRS party at Kokapet area. He warned that the BJP would hold massive  scaler of agitation programs if the state government did not fulfill their demand. Coming down heavily on the CM of the state KCR on the issue , He asked the CM

Whether he was the landlord of the Kokapet lands? He wondered as to how the state government could allot 11 acres of land to the ruling BRS party at the rate of Rs 7,500 per yard in the Kokapet area, where HMDS is selling the government lands for Rs 1 lakh per square yard?

Stating that the total value of the land being allotted to the BRS party is Rs 550 crore, he wondered as to how such an expensive piece of land be allotted to the ruling party for less than Rs 40 crore.  He alleged that the recent cabinet meeting was convened to give away the land and added that the details of the allotment were not disclosed to the media.

He said that KCR had already grabbed the land for setting up party offices in 33 districts, including the party’s state office.

Commenting on the abrogation of GO MS No. 111, he termed it as a multi-lakh crore scam and added that KCR’s family and BRS leaders purchased 100 acres of land at a cheaper rate for the poor by citing the GO.

He said that they would launch a large-scale movement to expose the government’s land grab to the people. Bandi Sanjay,  who arrived in Adilabad today to attend the wedding of BJP MP Soyam Bapurao’s son spoke to media along with party district president Payala Shankar, Nirmal district party president and former MLA Eleti Maheshwar Reddy and Rama Rao Patel. Speaking on the occasion, he alleged that KCR remembers the poor only when there are elections in the state. He also alleged that the farmers were being cheated in the name of the dharani portal.