Bandi slams KCR over Decennial celebrations

Hyderabad Desk

Hyderabad: BJP State president and MP Bandi Sanjay Kumar on Friday asked Chief Minister KCR as to why he was holding the Decennial celebrations of formation of Telangana State and asked what he had achieved in the last ten years. It is a gimmick to divert the attention of the people by not fulfilling all the promises he made, he said.

Sanjay also dismissed the comments of Opposition parties, including the Congress, that the Parliament building should be inaugurated by the President. On the news reports that Congress was the alternative to the ruling BRS party in Telangana, he said it was ironical that some newspapers were propagating that the Congress party, which never received deposits in the last three years, was an alternative to the BRS party.

Addressing media persons after performing bhoomi puja for various development works in Karimnagar, Sanjay said the Congress, the BRS and the Opposition parties were showering love on the President than ever before. Claiming that the custodian of parliament was the Speaker of the Lok Sabha, he said it was the Speaker’s discretion to decide by whom the inauguration of the Parliament building should be done and added that the Prime Minister was inaugurating it at the request of the Speaker.

Targeting the BRS party, he alleged that the State government, which didn’t have money to pay salaries of its employees, was celebrating the decennial celebrations with crores of rupees by misusing the public money. On the Karnataka Assembly election results, he wondered as what was the connection between Karnataka elections and Telangana?

He said the BJP, which was restricted to just one MLA seat in the 2018 assembly elections, won four Lok Sabha seats in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections and added that in all the elections that followed, the BJP’s vote bank increased in Telangana. “We won 48 seats in the GHMC elections. The BJP won in Huzurabad and Dubbaka by-elections. The BJP also won the Teacher MLC elections held recently,” he said and alleged that a section of the media was deliberately writing false news to embarrass the BJP.

Rebutting the allegations of former MLA Gone Prakash Rao that he had taken commissions from granite mafia, Sanjay dared Prakash Rao to prove his allegations with evidence. He said he was ready swear by his beloved goddess and asked his rivals to check his bank accounts. He made it clear that his life was an open book.

He said as elections are nearing, they were going to meet the people from June 30 to July 30 on the nine-year rule of Modi under the name of Jan Sampark Abhiyan. He said they would hold an unemployment march in Khammam on Saturday and appealed to the unemployed to come out in large numbers for the unemployment march being held in Khammam.

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