Banners against BJP appear at various places in Hyderabad

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Hyderabad: After flexi near the Congress office in Hyderabad, many banners against BJP have come up at various places in the city.

These banners questioning the BJP government at the center came up when Union Home Minister Amit Shah visited Telangana yesterday.

In the past, the previous Bharat Rashtra Samithi (BRS) government also used similar tricks whenever Shah or Modi came to Telangana for campaigning.

Meanwhile, yesterday, Amit Shah said that the BJP will end the four percent reservations for Muslims in Telangana if the saffron party comes to power again at the Centre.

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Shah added that the reservation will be given to Backward Classes (BC), Scheduled Caste (SC), and Scheduled Tribe (ST) communities instead.

As the Lok Sabha polls are nearing in Telangana, the political temperature in the state is increasing with every passing day.

Now, the banners and flexi against the BJP that appeared in Hyderabad are questioning the central government.

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