Beware of fake e-challan scam: Hyderabad police issue warning

Hyderabad: As the number of traffic police challans rises in the city, a new threat has emerged in the form of fraudulent activities exploiting e-challans to deceive the public. The police department has issued a cautionary alert about a new e-challan scam that aims to rob unsuspecting individuals.

According to the police, individuals need to exercise caution when dealing with links related to e-challan notifications on their mobile devices. Fraudsters are taking advantage of online challan payment by sharing fake links with the public. Clicking on these deceptive links could result in financial losses for the victims.

The police have urged the public to remain vigilant and avoid clicking on any suspicious or fake links. In the context of e-challans, the general link provided by the police is However, scammers are circulating fake challan links such as to deceive people.

Authorities have stressed on the importance of staying cautious and not falling victim to these fraudulent tactics. Clicking on fake links could potentially lead to unauthorized access to bank accounts and financial loss.

The public is advised to verify the authenticity of any e-challan notifications and only use the official links provided by the authorities for online payment of challans.