Beyond Biryani: The Modernising of Hyderabad–new book on the city coming soon

Hyderabad Desk

New Delhi: The forthcoming book, Beyond Biryani: The Modernising of Hyderabad by senior journalist and author Dr Dinesh C. Sharma, is set to provide an engaging and comprehensive perspective on the evolution of the vibrant city of Hyderabad. Westland Books has acquired the rights for its publication.

The book delves into the rich history of the city and its knowledge institutions that have contributed to its remarkable and dramatic transformation. The work is expected to be a captivating story of the city’s journey from being a Princely capital to its emergence as a global technology hub, and the societal, political, and economic factors that have shaped modern-day Hyderabad.

Dinesh C. Sharma, an accomplished journalist and author known for his works on India’s science, technology and innovation (STI) sectors, presents a meticulously researched account of Hyderabad’s growth and development. The work is based on archival records, interviews with prominent personalities and policymakers who have played pivotal role in shaping the city’s destiny as well as the author’s lived experience as a born-Hyderabadi.

“From missiles and satellites to affordable HIV drugs and Covid-19 vaccinees, Hyderabad delivers everything that today’s India is known for. These successes are a result of a long journey of building key institutions over the decades,” said Sharma.

“The city’s past has been the subject of a great deal of writing and discussion, but today’s Hyderabad has received far less attention from writers. We are pleased to be publishing Dinesh’s new book that tells the story of this transformation and shows us exactly how it came about,” said Karthika V K, Publisher,Westland Books.

Beyond Biryani: The Modernising of Hyderabad is scheduled for release in 2024.

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