Bhagwandas Bagh step-well cleaning, restoration

Hyderabad: Bhagwandas Bagh Well which was left in a dilapidated condition for over decades got cleaned and restored to its original condition.

HMDA has taken the responsibility of cleaning the different step wells and restoring them. Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority took up the case of Gudimalkapur based Bhagwandas Bagh Stepwell cleaning and restoration works.

HMDA also took up the cleaning works of Shiv Bagh Stepwell as well. On Saturday,  Principal Secretary of Municipal Administration and Urban Development Arvind Kumar after the restoration works of Bhagwandas step-well said that the heritage admirers can now take photographs of the step-well. He also appealed to the residents living near-by to keep the step-well clean by not throwing any garbage in it.

He further added that after the removal of tonnes of debris, Bhagwandas Step-well is all set to open for heritage admirers and as part of the exercise of restorations works of the step-wells, the HMDA is soon going to revive more than 40 step-wells.