Bio Asia 2023: This Made in India machine can measure your health parameters in public

Hyderabad: A Hyderbad-based medical technology manufacturer company Pulse Active Stations Network has come up with a machine called ‘Pulse Active Netowork’ which can perform basic health checkups in public.

The Made-in-Hyderabad product was displayed at Bio Asia 2023 summit in Hyderabad on Saturday.

Pulse Active Station is a machine that can measure BMI and other health parameters in public. The company has planned to place these machines in different public places including hospitals, bus stations, and metro stations.

Speaking on the occasion Joginder Tanikella, Founder and CEO of Pulse Active Stations Network said “This is the pulse active station. It is a smart health kiosk. Everyone might remember the Rs.1 weighing machine which used to be there in public places.

This is a more modern and advanced version of the machine. The idea is that you should be able to get a basic health screening within 1 to 3 minutes in any public place such as the railway station, metro station, bus stand, hospital, clinic, or any other place. We have different tests here. We have tests for height, weight, and BMI (Body mass index).”

While further commenting on product specifications he said “Apart from that we can also check body composition which is muscle, fat, protein, water, and so on.”

There were some individuals who also participated in the health check tests for this device.

“I have just gone through the machine and tested BMI and others. It seems good. Without any interaction with other instruments directly we can identify our pulse rate, BP, and oxygen saturation. We will get all the results online. We can do all this without any human interaction. We can identify the condition of our body based on these results and take any precautionary measures if needed. It is a good machine that can be put in hospitals and other public places and it will help the people.” said P Rehmet who underwent a health checkup.

Joginder Tanikella also spoke about how they will expand their operations in near future.

“We are completely Make in Hyderabad, Make in Telangana, Make in India. We have already exported our machines to China as well as Germany. We are now expanding throughout India. We have already reached 40 locations across India. We had reached 150 locations before COVID, but we had to restart because of the lockdowns. This is our new automatic unmanned machine. We are now based in different hospitals, railway stations, metro stations, and bus stations. The charges depend on the location. It is free in some locations and otherwise goes up to Rs.100,” Tanikella said.

Bio Asia 2023 summit is currently underway in Hyderabad, Telangana from February 24 to 26.