BJP aims to increase online presence ahead of Telangana assembly polls

Hyderabad: With a goal to reach the seat of power in Telangana, the BJP is resorting to WhatsApp to form opinions in its favor. The party is planning to digitally fight the Telangana Assembly elections scheduled next year.

Reliable sources said that a central team of the BJP has taken charge of the state IT cell after it expressed disappointment with the current status of the party on social media.

The initial target is to form 10,000 WhatsApp groups which is almost three times the current number. These sources said that finally, the target will increase as the election nears.

The BJP shall form opinions through WhatsApp and build the narrative by sharing videos of BJP leaders’ speeches and the party’s messages in real-time. WhatsApp groups will be managed by booth-level workers and IT cell heads.

There are already several pages on Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp being run by the BJP. Some pages like the Telangana Atma Gouravam are gaining a lot of traction in Telangana.

According to sources, the national level social media heads will regularly visit the state to interact with local IT cell workers. A parallel social media wing is being handled by the national team.

BJP shall use Telugu and other languages to spread its narrative in Telangana.  The Telugu IT Cell of the state shall work under the charge of the BJP’s national IT heads.