BJP MP Arvind condemns party prez Sanjay’s comments on Kavitha

Hyderabad: BJP Nizamabad MP Dharmapuri Arvind condemned his own party president Bandi Sanjay’s derogatory remarks on BRS MLC K Kavitha, which triggered massive protests across the state.

“Being the State president of a national party, he should have behaved more responsibly. I do not support his actions. Whatever he has said is in his individual capacity. The party has nothing to do with it. He has to come out clean on the issue,” he said.

Arvind said Sanjay should have acted responsibly while making comments. “if he corrects himself, it will be better for him. He has created the mess and he himself has to come out of it, Arvind said.

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When he was told that some BJP leaders had pointed out that Sanjay’s remarks were part of a common ‘proverb’ used in Telangana, Arvind said there were a lot of proverbs which people of Telangana use frequently, but one should use those carefully without hurting sentiments and dignity.

“He cannot escape by saying that it is a common proverb,” he said. Arvind’s comments were surprising given that he is Kavitha’s main opponent in the Nizamabad Lok Sabha constituency.

Arvind defeated Kavitha in the 2019 Lok Sabha election after promising turmeric farmers that he would set up a board for them . The latter had won the seat in the 2014 polls.

Arvind, who like many other BJP leaders has not been happy with the functioning style and unapologetic behaviour of Sanjay, also said the party president post was not a ‘power centre’ but only a coordination centre to carry out the instructions of the party high command