BJP MP Dharmapuri accuses Kavitha of discrimination against Muslims in Telangana

Hyderabad: Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MP Arvind Dharmapuri on Friday alleged that Bharat Rashtra Samithi (BRS) MLC K Kavitha is showing discrimination against Muslims in Telangana.

The BJP MP further alleged that Muslims are given much less financial support compared to the amount provided to the Dalits in the state.

“K Kavitha should not run away from facts, she has discriminated against Muslims in Telangana. There are two schemes run by the Telangana government, the first was started two years ago and called ‘Dalit Bandhu’ extending Rs 10 lakh financial support to every Dalit family, but unfortunately, because of her family’s corruption not even 0.5 per cent of Dalit families have been benefitted with that so far,’ Arvind Dharmapuri told ANI.

Further, he said, “Last month she launched another program called ‘Muslim Bandhu’ in which she is giving Rs 1 lakh to Muslim families. All the socioeconomic indicators in Telangana show that above 60% of Muslims in Telangana live below poverty line.”

Questioning the difference in the financial support, he said that the BRS MLC cannot “run away from the question”.

“On what basis she has discriminated against Muslims and why is there a difference of Rs 9 lakhs? You have to answer this. Let me know the secularism behind this discrimination against Muslims in Telangana. You cannot run away from this question. We are going to haunt you and your government,” he added.

Earlier this week, YSR Telangana Party chief YS Sharmila accused K Kavitha of double standards when it comes to the latter’s espousal of increasing the women’s representation in legislatures by showing that BRS’s candidate list for the upcoming assembly election has only seven women in it.

When Kavitha was a member of Lok Sabha, she advocated for a 33 per cent reservation for women in Parliament. However, YS Sharmila termed it K Kavitha’s “Delhi drama”.

YS Sharmila alleged that K Kavitha’s “Delhi drama” is only to divert public attention from the Delhi liquor scam on which the latter was questioned by the ED.