‘BJP will scrap reservations for SC, ST if return to power’, says KTR

Hyderabad Desk

Hyderabad: K.T. Rama Rao, the Working President of BRS, expressed serious concerns about the BJP’s intentions to amend the Constitution and scrap reservations for SC and ST communities if they return to power.

Speaking at a gathering in the Adilabad Parliament constituency, KTR highlighted the potential threats these changes pose to marginalized communities.

According to KTR, prominent BJP figures from Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka, and a candidate from Madhya Pradesh have openly declared that achieving a two-thirds majority in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections could lead to a constitutional amendment aimed at removing SC and ST reservations. He stressed that such a move would result in the disappearance of these crucial protections.

In his speech, KTR appealed to the Dalit and tribal communities to recognize the BJP’s strategy and vote accordingly. He also discussed the issue of constituency delimitation, warning that Southern Indian states, which followed family planning policies, might lose Lok Sabha seats to states in the North that did not follow these measures.

KTR criticized the Congress for making false promises and highlighted that the party’s local leader, Revanth, promised to waive farm loans by August 15, a claim KTR views skeptically. He urged the public to support BRS if they wished to see genuine political promises fulfilled.

He concluded by acknowledging the party’s shortcomings in communicating its achievements, including the provision of 63,000 jobs and maintaining high government employee salaries, which he claims are the highest in the country.

KTR called on his supporters to actively counter the negative campaigns from both BJP and Congress, underlining the importance of the upcoming elections for the future of the region and the party.

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