BRS demands enquiry into Congress’ handling of liquor licenses in Telangana

Hyderabad Desk

Hyderabad: BRS leader Manne Krishank launched a scathing attack on the Congress government’s six-month tenure, comparing it to the reign of Tughlaq during a press conference at Telangana Bhavan on Tuesday, June 11.

He particularly criticized the minister of prohibition and excise, Jupally Krishna Rao for his controversial stance on Som Distilleries.

Krishank condemned Jupally’s handling of the issue surrounding Som Distilleries, highlighting how the minister “backtracked” on his positions when questioned about corruption. He welcomed the cancellation of the liquor sales license granted to Som Distilleries in the state but called for an inquiry into why the permits were issued in the first place.

“Those responsible for granting permissions to the fraudulent company, Som Distilleries, must be identified,” Krishank asserted. He questioned why no case has been registered against Som Distilleries, drawing a parallel with the cases filed in relation to the Delhi liquor policy.

Criticizing the Congress government, Krishank labelled it a “U-turn government,” accusing it of leaking information and then filing illegal cases against those who share it on social media. He alleged widespread scams across all departments and claimed that Congress leaders are “looting” the state treasury.

He also accused minister Jupally of being caught red-handed and suggested that Som Distilleries funded the Congress party. Krishank called for a thorough investigation into this corruption and demanded clarity on whether the cancellation of the distillery’s licenses is temporary or permanent.

Furthermore, Krishank pointed out inconsistencies within the government, noting that while chief minister Revanth Reddy claims an increase in excise revenue, minister Jupally denies it. He urged the government to make a clear statement on the matter.

He also accused ministers of competing to collect illegal taxes and warned that if permissions for Som Distilleries had not been blocked, innocent people in the state would have fallen victim to adulterated liquor. Lastly, Krishank condemned the government for filing “illegal” cases against those who question it, calling such actions “despicable.”

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