Cattle traders face challenges ahead of Bakrid in Hyderabad

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Hyderabad: Despite police assurances of cooperation, cattle traders and public representatives in Hyderabad are expressing concerns over the difficulties traders face while transporting bovines into the city as Bakrid, also known as Eid-al-Adha, approaches on Monday, June 17.

Transportation challenges for Bakrid

“Police have the right to take action in cases involving cows, but they are stopping vehicles carrying oxen and other animals from market yards to the city, demanding fit-for-slaughter certificates from veterinarians. If these documents are not available, they are booking traders for overloading,” said former Waqf Board Chairman Mohammed Saleem in connection to police seizing animals for sacrifice for Bakrid in Hyderabad.

He also requested GHMC to increase garbage collection points and supply over 500,000 garbage bags to ensure the city remains hygienic during the celebrations.

Members of the Jamiatul Quresh, a community primarily involved in cattle trading, have highlighted their compliance with cow slaughter prevention laws for celebrations of Bakrid in Hyderabad. However, they claim that state authorities are treating those who transport oxen and bulls with undue severity.

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Entry points & check posts in Hyderabad

Animals are brought into Hyderabad from various parts of Telangana through routes such as Bhongir, Shadnagar, and Balanagar (Mahbubnagar district), among others along the Outer Ring Road.

Public representatives have received numerous calls from worried traders over the past fortnight, prompting them to bring the issue to the attention of the police.

Members of the Qureshi community echoed these concerns, pointing out that the administration was objecting to animals being displayed for sale on roadsides for Bakrid in Hyderabad. This issue was also brought to the police’s attention.

Official Procedures

Animal Husbandry Department officials clarified that transport certificates are issued once all conditions are met. “Certificates are issued under Rule 96 of the Transport Of Animals Rules at the shandies by designated nodal officers. These documents include details such as species or breed and the purpose, like agriculture. Local bodies issue certificates for slaughter at the slaughterhouse,” an official explained.

Commissioner of Police, Hyderabad, Kothakota Sreenivasa Reddy, has assured the community of police cooperation for a peaceful Bakrid. He also assured all participants of the coordination meeting that rules and regulations would be followed, and no one would be allowed to take the law into their own hands.

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