Centre hatching conspiracy to abolish MGNREGA scheme: Harish Rao

Hyderabad: Minister for Finance T Harish Rao alleged that the Union government was hatching a conspiracy to abolish the MGNREGA scheme and was trying to leave the livelihood of the labourers working under the scheme in the lurch.

Minister Harish Rao on Tuesday wrote a letter to Union Minister Kishan Reddy, saying that the Centre is confining the workers to only 20 works and is deliberately pending the workers’ wages worth about Rs 10,000 crore belonging to Telangana State.

“The Centre’s decision will leave many workers jobless and will affect the financial status of many workers in rural areas,” he pointed out.

The Minister also reminded that the State government had passed a resolution linking MGNREGA scheme with the agriculture sector and the same was forwarded to the Union government, but the Centre has weakened the scheme affecting the livelihood of many workers.

Harish Rao alleged that the Union government was trying to create hurdles in the progress of Telangana State and as part of its conspiracy, the Modi government was conducting the inspection of MGNREGA scheme job cards in Telangana.