Chand Bibi was a ruler of grit and substance, says an expert at MANUU

Hyderabad: The Department of Women Education (DWE) and Department of History (DoH) of Maulana Azad National Urdu University (MANUU) jointly organized an extension lecture on Chand Bibi Sultan: A female Warrior Ruler of Deccan on June 2.

Through a power point presentation, Dr. Sarah Fatima Waheed, Full Bright Scholar and Professor, Department of History, Davidson College, USA delivered a very informative lecture on Chand Bibi Sultan, who ruled both Ahmednagar and Bijapur at the same time. Not only did she consistently defeated the army of Emperor Akbar but also resisted the attacks by the surrounding States.

Dr. Sarah expressed dismay over the fact that not only history books written in medieval period but also the history penned down during colonial and post independence eras do not throw much light upon her. In fact Chand Bibi’s valour and military adventures are confined to the stories which used to be part of syllabus, she remarked.

Dr. Danish Moin, Head, Department of History, in his presidential address said the history books are not only devoid of the deeds of the ruling or royal women, but we also know nothing about the ordinary women whose actions have led to the evolution of civilization. There have been many women in India who have proved their worth in various fields.

Dr. Ameena Tahseen, Head, DWE and the coordinator programme welcomed the guests and presented a detailed introduction of the topic. She also rued over the practice of deliberately ignoring the achievements of women in history. They needed to be highlighted and Chand Bibi Sultan is the best example, she said.