Chaos ensues as haj pilgrims face vaccination issues in Hyderabad

Hyderabad: Chaos ensued at the Government Hospital Nampally as Haj pilgrims, eagerly awaiting their vaccinations, were rushed to Osmania Hospital after a heart attack occurred in the vaccination queue. Despite efforts by the Telangana Haj Committee and the Health Department to facilitate the vaccination process at four government hospitals in Hyderabad, improper arrangements and overcrowding led to hundreds of pilgrims being unable to receive their vaccinations or undergo the required medical examinations.

The situation escalated at Nampally, Malakpet, and King Kothi area hospitals prompting the health department and medical administration to summon the police for assistance. Meanwhile, the Haj Committee made alternative arrangements for vaccination at other locations.

In the past, the Haj Committee used to organize vaccinations at the Haj House, obtaining the vaccine from the IPM. However, this time, changes in the process resulted in frustration among the pilgrims. On the last day, all pilgrims were instructed to report to the Haj House without a clear plan in place. Despite waiting diligently, many pilgrims were left unvaccinated and were subsequently directed to visit four different hospitals in the city – Area Hospitals, King Kothi Dispensary, Malakpet Area Hospital, and Khairatabad Area Hospital – for vaccination and certification.

Due to the inadequate arrangements made at the government hospitals, the police had to be called to Malakpet Area Hospital, Nampally Hospital, and King Kothi Area Hospital. The absence of a comprehensive vaccination plan led to the chaos created by the Haj Committee’s instructions for pilgrims to report for vaccination without proper coordination. This situation could have been avoided if a clear vaccine plan had been announced. Furthermore, if the health department had established a long-term vaccination camp at the Haj House, as had been done previously, this situation would not have arisen.

Haj Committee officials express their regret, acknowledging that adopting the traditional vaccination method would have prevented the commotion. They emphasize that the Health Department could have averted this crisis by initiating a well-planned and organized vaccination camp at the Haj House, as had been successfully implemented in the past.