Charminar at dawn: A peaceful retreat and popular filming spot

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Hyderabad: The historic Charminar attracts crowds in the mornings from all over the city due to its quiet and peaceful mood. Groups of youngsters, families, domestic and foreign tourists descend at the venue at 5 am to enjoy the soothing ambience at the spot.

The first stop for the visitors is the Mecca Masjid complex, where people come and feed the pigeons before moving out and sipping tea at popular hotels near the monument.

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Rithesh, a resident of Kachiguda came to Charminar with his friends to enjoy the atmosphere. “There is peace all around. No disturbance, no traders and compared to the rest of the day, in the mornings you can really get a feel of visiting a place. It is a perfect spot to rejuvenate,” he said.

Samuel, a PG student from Domalguda, often visits the Charminar to have a ‘chai’ with his cousins. “We drive all the way to the Old City just to enjoy the ambience. Visiting the place in the early morning itself is a good experience,” he told

The Charminar precincts have become a good location for pre-wedding photoshoots and for YouTubers to shoot short films and reels. At the crack of dawn, small groups equipped with cameras reach the place and wrap up their work within a couple of hours before tourists start flocking the hub.

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On Instagram, facebook and other social media platforms, one comes across youngsters, couples and local YouTubers or influencers sharing their videos shot in the backdrop of the over 400-year-old monument.

The Charminar location was once a popular place of Tollywood and Bollywood film shooting.

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