ChatGPT lists 10 best Haleem spots in Hyderabad ahead of Ramzan

Hyderabad: One of the most-awaited and joyous seasons of the year, the holy month of Ramzan is around the corner. In India, it is expected to begin on March 22 and end on April 1 (dates may vary). The month-long celebrations are not only about fasting and prayers, but also about feasting and shopping. As the sun sets, the streets in Hyderabad come alive with the aroma of delectable food being cooked in every nook and corner of the city.

From the traditional haleem, the mouth-watering kebabs to other iftar snacks, Hyderabad turns into a food lover’s paradise during this time. As Ramzan is fast approaching, we asked ChatGPT, a viral Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered chatbot, to list the 5 best places to try Haleem in Hyderabad. Before we jump onto the list, check what exactly is Haleem.

What exactly is Haleem?

5 Best spots for off-season Haleem in Hyderabad
Hyderabadi Haleem (Instagram)

This lip-smacking and mouth-watering unique textured dish is prepared by using mutton or chicken that is pounded, mixed with a load of dry fruits and spices and cooked on the Bhatti in a large vessel. Forget about diet when you think of having haleem, Credits? A lot of ghee and oil! Drooling already, aren’t you?

Here are some popular restaurants in Hyderabad suggested by ChatGPT.

  • Pista House
  • Shah Ghouse Cafe & Restaurant
  • Sarvi
  • Cafe 555
  • Shadab

Well, it is relevant to mention here that these Haleem spots are actually incredibly popular among the city residents, and if you ask anyone, they are likely to give you the same list. These haleem places have gained a popularity for serving the best haleem in town. People from all over Hyderabad flock to these spots to savour the delicious flavours of this mouth-watering dish.

(Image Source: venkat_dilip Instagram)

The above-mentioned are just a few of the best haleem places in Hyderabad. Apart from them, some other must-try spots to try this delicacy during Ramzan are —

  • Nayaab Hotel
  • Peshawar
  • Chichas
  • Mehfil
  • Cafe Bahar
  • Hyderabad House
  • Hotel City Diamond

Which is your favourite spot among the above? Which restaurant, according to you, offers the best authentic taste of Hyderabadi haleem? Do tell us in the comments section below.

Happy haleem hunting!