Chicken prices in Hyderabad skyrocket as mercury climbs

Hyderabad: Chicken prices in Hyderabad have experienced a significant surge since the beginning of May, primarily due to the rising temperatures in the city. As the mercury climbs, the cost of skinless and boneless chicken has spiked.

The temperature in Hyderabad has soared, surpassing 41 degrees Celsius, creating a heat wave in the city. The heatwave arrived after a period of heavy rainfall in the city. This sudden change in weather conditions resulted in a severe effect on the local poultry industry, leading to increased mortality rates among chickens.

The continuous rise in chicken prices in Hyderabad is a direct consequence of the rise in mortality rates. The cost of skinless chicken, which was Rs 223 per kg at the beginning of May, has now reached Rs 243. Similarly, boneless chicken price has soared from Rs 440 to Rs 460 per kg within the same time frame. The market has been greatly affected by these fluctuations, leaving consumers with limited options and higher expenses.

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Chicken type Prices per kg in Rs (Today) Prices per kg in Rs (May 10) Prices per kg in Rs (May 1)
Live 147 148 133
With skin 213 214 198
Skinless 243 244 223
Boneless 460 450 440

Unfortunately, it is anticipated that chicken prices in Hyderabad will continue to climb as the city grapples with the ongoing heat wave. With no immediate relief in sight, consumers should brace themselves for further increases in poultry costs. The rising demand for chicken coupled with the limited supply due to weather-related challenges is likely to exacerbate the situation.