Chicken prices surge due to summer, wedding season in Hyderabad

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Hyderabad: The prices of chicken in Hyderabad have crossed the Rs 400 per kg mark due to the summer heat and the wedding season in the city.

Speaking to, Syed Fayazuddin, the proprietor of Eagle Groups Fayaz Trading, said that this increase is attributed to a rise in demand, particularly due to an uptick in weddings in the city. He also mentioned the decline in supply due to the prevailing summer heat in the state.

Chicken Prices in Hyderabad jumped by over 10 pc

The chicken prices in Hyderabad have increased from Rs 155 per kg live on May 6 to Rs 172 on May 20. This increase is evident across various chicken types, including those with skin, without skin, and boneless.

The rates for live chicken and chicken with skin in the city have gone up to Rs 172 and Rs 249 per kg, respectively. For varieties without skin and boneless, the rates are Rs 249 and Rs 400 per kg, respectively.

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Fayazuddin said that the rates have been rising for the last 15 to 20 days.

Wedding season in Hyderabad

The ongoing wedding season in Hyderabad, along with other parts of India, has witnessed a substantial number of marriages.

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Supply-demand mismatch pushes up chicken prices in Hyderabad

This surge in wedding events has led to an increased demand for chicken, consequently causing a spike in rates in Hyderabad.

Summer season in Hyderabad

The prevailing summer season in the city is also contributing significantly to the rise in chicken prices.

Due to the summer heat, production has declined, thereby impacting the supply side, Fayazuddin said.

As the monsoon is about to hit the state, the temperature is likely to decline, which will result in a dip in chicken prices in Hyderabad.

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