Citizens urge Telangana govt to appoint full-time Waqf Board CEO

Hyderabad: A group of eminent citizens from the city urged Principal Secretary to Government Minorities Welfare (V&C) Department to appoint a full time Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for the Waqf Board as per the Waqf (Amendment ) Act 2013

In a letter addressed to the minority welfare department, it was highlighted that as per GO Rt No. 7 dated 10.1.2023 issued by Minorities Welfare (V&C) Department, that the present Secretary, Telangana Minorities Residential Educational Institutions Society, TMREIS, is placed in ‘Full Additional Charge’ for the posts of four other critical institutions that are directly connected to the education and welfare of the minorities.

The letter from the concerned citizens asked if it is “justified” for the secretary to hold four other posts with ‘Full Additional Charge’ (FAC) for the posts of: Director, Minorities Welfare; Chief Executive Officer, Telangana State Waqf Board; Director, Telangana State Urdu Academy and Director, Telangana State Minorities Study Circle;

“As such, we state that such appointments of ‘full additional charge’ of a single person to the critical post of CEO, Telangana Waqf Board, is not only violates the Act that is the basis of the CEO Waqf Board post, but such superficial appointment smacks of willful negligence towards education and general welfare of the minorities,” the group stated.

They urged the authorities to see that the Telangana Waqf Board CEO’s appointment is in compliance with the Waqf Act and in compliance with natural principles of justice, in light of the violation that has been highlighted above.

The petitioners include Dr Lubna Sarwath, Janab Nayeemullah Shareef, Advocate Nadeem Adil, Advocate Qudsia Tabassum, Advocate Taraq Qadri, Maqbool Ahmad,  Rahman educationist, MFU Shareef, Nayeemuddin Sufi,  Mansoor Khan, Amina Niloufer Hussain, Shameem Sultana Talha Jabeen , Anwar and Iftekhar Shariff